Do you have fear of flying (aviophobia)? It is the worst nightmare that you can imagine when you have to travel on a plane. Well, if you only need to board a plane for personal reasons such as traveling for holiday, perhaps you can opt for destinations that do not require flying. But what about when flying is part of your job obligation? Well, do not let the anxiety associated with flying curtail what you can do because the Takeoff Today Program is here to help.

Deep in your mind you might be asking; “How will this program work when I have tried anxiety medication with little success?” In this review, we dig deeper into the Takeoff Today Program to evaluate how it works and establish if it is the right solution for you.

What is the Takeoff Today Program?

This is a multimedia course designed by Rich Presta to help people overcome fears and anxieties, especially the phobia of flying. He is a professional who has made a name for his works such as the Driving Fear Program and the Anxiety Lie Programs. Presta indicates that after suffering from the fear of flying, he had to work extra hard to overcome it because the common solutions were not working. That is how the Takeoff Today Program was conceived.

To make the program more effective, Presta worked with experts such as pilots and cognitive behavioral therapy professionals to demystify what causes anxiety. The program emphasizes that you can learn how to conquer anxiety and have stronger trust in the plane and its staff. If you can learn this, it will be the best way to conquer aviophobia.

How Does the Takeoff Today Program Work?

The design of the Takeoff Today Program is aimed at demonstrating what anxiety is, how it works and gaining an upper hand over it. Presta laments that though there are many therapies out there; few are bold enough to help users uproot the problem of anxiety. Therefore, he describes the program as a journey of self-discovery to defeat anxiety. To achieve this, the Takeoff Today Program has several components:

The Takeoff Today Manual

This is a PDF manual that contains the details of how to overcome the fear of flying. Note that though the strategies outlined in this manual can be used to overcome most types of fears, it is inclined to help you trust the plane and its staff. The manual demonstrates the fear cycle and shows that anxiety only exists in your mind. Then, it goes ahead to help you break down the cycle to regain control because flying is only done by the best pilots after years of training. So you can relax reading a magazine and, enjoy the ride.

The Takeoff Today Audio Edition

One impressive thing about the Takeoff Today Program is that it seeks to cater to the needs of all people. The audio edition contains everything in the manual but in an audio format for those who do not fancy reading. It is also a great option to listen on your iPod when jogging, driving, or travelling in a train. Indeed, it will be a great piece to listen to when travelling on a plane.

The Takeoff Today Video Edition

For some people, learning is more effective if it done in a sort of “classroom” environment. The video edition was designed to highlight the key elements of the Takeoff Today Program so that you can feel like you are in the same room with the trainer. You can watch the two-hour video on a computer or your DVD player.

The Tactical Kit

One thing we liked about the Takeoff Today Program is that it is practical. Presta did not leave anything to chance. The Tactical Kit is designed to be your partner when you are planning to fly. Whether you are packing the flight luggage or relaxing in the plane’s seat, the kit will help you to stay free from fear. It contains two key items:

  • The Anxiety Helix: This is a special report that you can print to help you quickly stop fear and anxiety on their tracks. Simply master/read the strategies and follow them.
  • Audio support: This support in designed to help provide you with instant instructions on dealing with anxiety when preparing for a flight or the plane is taking off. Think of it as a chef on call giving you instructions on how to prepare a delicious meal.


To use this program, there are two versions. You can opt to use the download-only version that costs $97. Note that this is a one-time payment and does not have subscriptions. Once you buy, you can keep the program and use it as many times as you wish.

The second option is the printed version. If you order this, a printed version of the manual will be sent to you for $119. Note that no matter the version of the Takeoff Today Program you select, you will get an eight weeks money-back guarantee if unsatisfied with the results.

The Final Take

To help you overcome the fear of flying, the Takeoff Today Program dissects important facts about flying and how you can overcome the cycle of anxiety. Presta carefully demonstrates that to address anxiety, as he did, you only need to be in control. Instead of leaving you to grapple with the problem, the program is like a partner who sticks around until the anxiety is cleared.
Although you will need some effort through reading and listening, it will be a worthy course. Well, do not let fear and anxiety to compromise your life; the Takeoff Today Program is there for you!

Takeoff Today Program





  • The Takeoff Today Program is easy to download, follow, and use.
  • It offers advanced tactics for overcoming fear and anxiety especially fear of flying.
  • As a natural remedy, the program does not have side effects.
  • It comes with a two months money-back guarantee.
  • You get a reliable 24/7 support through email.


  • As a self-help strategy, it takes time and effort to hit the goal of being anxiety-free.