Paruresis, also known as shy bladder, is embarrassing. Imagine you want to pee in a public washroom but the bladder is locked tight and not cooperating. It can be truly disturbing! It becomes even more devastating to learn that most of the therapies recommended out there do not work. Is there a way out?

One of the top solutions for treating the shy bladder is the Paruresis Treatment System. This review delves deeper into the program to evaluate how it works and assist you to establish whether it is the right solution for you.

A Brief Look at Paruresis/ Shy Bladder

This is a mental condition that does not let you urinate when there are other people around. The sphincter muscles lock tightly so that urine cannot pass. If you suffer from the condition, you find it difficult to urinate in common restrooms, when visiting your friends, or when guests are in your house. The condition can have serious repercussions on your social and economic life.

What is Paruresis Treatment System?

This is a comprehensive guide designed by Rich Presta to train people how to defeat the shy bladder. After suffering from severe anxiety for many years, Presta realized that most of the therapies that were recommended to him rarely worked. Therefore, he started a journey to get a treatment method that would guarantee results. Some of his famous anxiety treatment programs include the Panic Away Program, the Panic Puzzle, and the Take-Off Today program.

To create the Paruresis Treatment System, Presta worked with Cheryl Lane, a doctor of clinical psychology, and pooled experiences of other professionals in treating anxiety. The focus of the program is demonstrating that with proper training you can regain control over your body including the bladder.

Because it is a mental condition, Presta demonstrates that you can control the problem naturally without using drugs. The program helps you start on a journey to cut fear from your mind and enjoy living a stress-free life. When you feel like relieving yourself, it will no longer be a thing to get ashamed of.

How Does Paruresis Treatment System Work?

This program was designed to assist you to understand and overcome the problem of Paruresis. Here are the main components of the program and how they work.

The Paruresis Treatment System Manual

This is an eBook that details everything about the program. The manual starts by demonstrating what shy bladder is and how it happens. The manual demonstrates the cycle of fear that results to the shy bladder and shows how you can replace the irrational thinking patterns to overcome the problem.

The Paruresis Treatment System Audio Edition

Are you a person who does not fancy reading? Well, the program got you covered! The audio edition is an audio version of the manual that you can listen from any place. Whether you are driving, traveling in a bus, or jogging in the woods, the audio version will come in handy.

P.A.T.S Volume

This is another audio version that guides you what to do to break the cycle of fear. Without practicing what you learn from the manual, you can never get results. Therefore, Presta tells you how to break down the fear and regain the confidence to keep your bladder functioning normally.

Helix report

The helix report is an important part of the Paruresis Treatment System that is designed to help you understand anxiety more. It demonstrates the irrationality of fear and helps to activate your consciousness towards overcoming it.

The Mastermind Series

For those who might think that clearing shy bladder is impossible, these series are eye-openers. Presta talks to medical experts such as doctors and psychologists who treat the condition. They demonstrate that indeed, this is a medical condition that people can learn to address. We found these series to be incredibly helpful in restoring personal confidence to release the bladder in any restroom.

One notable thing about the Paruresis Treatment System is that the mechanics outlined in the manual can also be used to address other forms of anxieties. Therefore, if you suffer from shy bladder and other fears such as fear of driving, the strategies outlined therein can be used to break the cycle of anxiety.

We also liked the commitment of the program architects to help users learn more about anxiety. You can sign up for further support via email or follow their blog about the condition.


If you have symptoms of shy bladder and would like to use the Paruresis Treatment System, there are two variations. The first option is the downloadable version. When you purchase this version, you get it instantly on your computer. The program is tagged a one-off price of $67.

The second version of the program includes the CD and print version. This version costs $119 and will take about 20 days to be shipped to your doorstep. In both versions, you get a 60 days money-back guarantee.

The Final Take

You cannot enjoy life if you cannot simply release the bladder in a restroom because of fear. We found the Paruresis Treatment System to be a highly reliable program for helping you to understand what shy bladder is, how it happens, and addressing it.

The program helps to empower you to overcome shy bladder naturally as opposed to simply offering a short term solution. As more people come back with success reports after using the program, you should also consider trying it. Do not let shy bladder wreck down your life, you got a solution that works: Paruresis Treatment System.

Paruresis Treatment System





  • The Paruresis Treatment System is broken into steps that make it easy to overcome the shy bladder condition.
  • As a natural treatment method, it does not have side effects.
  • The program was designed by experts in anxiety treatment.
  • Paruresis Treatment System makes it possible to address the problem from the comfort of your home.
  • It is available in different media formats such as transcripts and audios to make it easy for everyone to use.


  • To get results from this program, you will need to dedicate some time and effort practicing what is in the manual.