Panic attacks are perhaps the most debilitating forms of anxiety. But things get worse to people with panic attacks because treatment is never easy. In many cases, the methods recommended to address the problem rarely work. It can be devastating!

The frustration of juggling from one treatment to another with no success is what made Barry McDonagh come up with the Panic Away Program. In this post, we are going to take a closer look at the program to find out how it works.

What is Panic Away Program?

This is an online anxiety relief program that allows you to address anxiety, especially panic attacks from the comfort of your home. No need to step out to look for remedies! We found this to be a great benefit because you do not have to incur costs of driving to a nearby health facility or meeting groups.

When you purchase the program, you instantly receive an eBook on “How to End Panic Attacks and General Anxiety Fast” and have access to other online resources. This book comprises the entire program and you can start on it right away. The program is broken down into chapters that delve into different forms of anxieties including driving anxiety, agoraphobia, and fear of flying.
The program was designed in 2001 and its huge success has been credited to the efficiency of communicating psychological methods in simplified steps.

Who is Barry McDonagh?

When McDonagh set out to craft the Panic Away Program, he was concerned that those suffering from anxiety were not getting the right solutions. After suffering from panic attacks, McDonagh indicates that the exercises that were recommended for him did not work. That is when he set out to craft a reliable solution in 2001.

McDonagh used Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to craft a reliable method that anyone suffering from panic attacks could use. Notably, McDonagh insists that Panic Away is not a replacement for your doctor’s treatment. Rather, it is a supplement or an ideal option for self-help.

The Mechanics of the Panic Away Program

Panic Away Program is a step-by-step guide on how you can address anxiety provided in McDonagh’s book. Here is a breakdown of the program:

A Mesmerizing Introduction of what Anxiety is

To help a person suffering from anxiety, especially when delving into do-it-yourself (DIY) therapies, it is prudent to clearly define the problem. In the first part of this program, McDonagh explains what anxiety is. We liked the way he captivatingly waters down anxiety by pointing that unlike many people take it, ‘panic attacks’ are not your enemy. What an introduction!

When panic attacks strike, the petrifying experience makes one to think that the worst is about to happen. But McDonagh points that look, “aren’t you still there” even after the attacks? He refers to anxiety as a complete loop that you need to learn how to short-circuit. He demonstrates that it is a chemical imbalance, emotional exhaustion and internal conflicts that you can wrestle down with the right training. That is what the entire program is all about: getting you in control.

21-7 Technique

The 27-1 Technique is the core of the Panic Away Program. The technique teaches you the perfect approach for stopping a panic attack in just 21 seconds. Then, it is followed by seven minutes of exercise that reduces the feeling of general anxiety.

During the 21 seconds countdown, you dare the anxiety to unleash its bad things to you, and then start counting from 21 to zero. If it does not, you dismiss it because it is only wasting your time. What is the essence of this?

By the time you are through counting to zero, you will prove that there is no harm that can result from sensations. The goal is not to stop the uncomfortable sensations, but to evade the fearful reactions. When you end the fear, you have no doubt wrestled down panic attacks!

The 7 Minute Exercise

The Panic Away program recommends that you take the 7 minutes exercise after the 21 seconds countdown. However, if you are suffering from general anxiety, the exercise can be a stand-alone.
The technique walks you via breathing exercise with the main focus being the heart-link. The exercise triggers neural circuits that help to calm the heart, relax your gut and ultimately switch off the body’s stress response.

C.A.L.M Recovery

C.A.L.M recovery is a technique in the Panic Away program is recommended for long-term healing. The name, ‘C.A.L.M’ is a short form of Community, Acceptance, Lifestyle Changes, and Meaning. These are the four main components that you need to recover completely.

Note that the above is only a sample of key components of the Panic Away Program. Other crucial components of the program include how to deal with unwanted anxious thoughts, bodily sensations, insomnia, phobias, and morning anxiety.


The Panic Away program is available in three versions. See the caption below.

The digital download version referred to as the Silver plan goes for $67.95. You can also select the Gold plan ($97) that involves getting the Panic Away shipped to you anywhere in the globe. The last option is the Platinum plan ($97) that involves getting the digital and physical resources shipped to you. It also provides instant access to online resources.

The Final Take

From the review, we established that many people who suffer from anxiety, especially panic attacks have been at the edge of desperation. The drugs they are given only provide short-term solutions before panic attacks start recurring. But the Panic Away Program has stood out because of its ability to empower people to address the problem of anxiety.

Although Panic Away Program might not be the best to address extreme cases of anxiety, we found it to be one of the top options for stopping panic attacks, ending feeling of anxiety and getting back in control. We strongly recommend that you should try this program.

Panic Away Program





  • The Panic Away Program focuses on empowering people to overcome anxiety.
  • It is a natural method of overcoming anxiety. Therefore, it does not have side effects.
  • Though the main focus of the program is panic attacks, it can also be used to address most forms of anxieties.
  • An impressive 60 days money-back guarantee.
  • The program is sold at a one-time price as opposed to monthly subscriptions.


  • The program might not work for those suffering extreme cases of anxiety.