In many countries today, being able to drive motorized vehicles is seen as a must-have personal skill because mobility is a crucial component of modern lifestyle. However, a lot of people suffer from driving anxiety that greatly affects their lives. To address this problem, special tools have been developed to help people conquer the fear of driving. One of these programs is the Driving Fear Program.

In this post, we comprehensively evaluate the Driving Fear Program by looking at how it works to answer the main question: “Is the program effective?”

What is Driving Fear Program?

The Driving Fear Program is a set of high-quality resources put together to assist people with the fear of driving confront and ultimately overcome it. The impressive thing about the program is that you get results from the comfort of your home.

The resources and tools used in the Driving Fear Program is the work of Rich Presta and Cheryl Lane. Presta had suffered from driving anxiety for a long time and decided to work on a program that would assist other people to overcome the problem. He worked with other experts in driving, clinical psychology, and top-rated authors who offer their insights to help you overcome the fear of diving.

How Does the Driving Fear Program Work?

To make the program, it is broken into a number of different components that help reduce fear and ultimately overcome it. Here are the main components of the program.

The Driving Fear Program Manual

The manual is the primary component of the program. It is a comprehensive step-by-step guide for helping you to understand driving fear to regain confidence. The manual strongly borrows the concepts of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) to help you understand your strength and how to use it in overcoming fear when driving.

The manual demonstrates that you do not feel scared because you are silly, weak or strange. But because the anxiety has tricked your mind! From here, it guides you on how to regain control over your emotions and remove fears from the mind.

The Driving Fear Audio Edition

This is a complete audio version of the Driving Fear Program manual. It is put in an audio format to make it easy for you to listen in different scenarios. If you are driving, you can listen to the audio on the car’s media player. You can also follow it on the iPod when doing exercises or listen when relaxing at home.

The Video Series

In any form of training, learners want to get a feeling of being in the same room with their trainers. The design of the video series is a personal guide where Cheryl Lane and Rich Presta walk you through the program of conquering anxiety.

The video series comprises of 19 videos that can play in most computers to make you feel like you are sitting with the trainer in his office. We were impressed by the videos because they are vivid and help users to easily gain the skills of overcoming anxiety.

S.A.F.E Series

The S.A.F.E (short form of Subliminal Auditory Fear Elimination) Series is a revolutionary method for accelerating the speed of overcoming roadway phobias and driving anxiety. After appreciating that you have control over your anxiety, Cheryl Lane and Rich Presta demonstrate that it should not take you long to get over the problem.

The Fast Lane Audio Session

The Driving Fear Program designers appreciated that there are situations that are more feared when driving than others. The Fast Lane Audio Session is meant to help you overcome anxiety in these dire situations. Here are some of the situations this session will help you to counter anxiety:

  • Driving alone.
  • Driving over bridges.
  • Driving on the highway.
  • Driving in traffic.
  • Fear of losing control.

The Anxiety Helix

This is a report that is crafted to open your eyes and understand panic attacks and anxiety when you are driving. It is meant to further accelerate the recovery process by demonstrating how anxiety works. The helix will help you to understand why you have probably had no success so far and recommend the best ways for a breakthrough.

Other important components of the Driving Fear Program include the Complete Overdrive System that demonstrates how to replace fear with confidence. You will also get the Driving Fear Interviews audio series that represent conversations with people who have used the program and emerged successful. We found that many people suffering anxiety get the courage to face the problem when they hear real stories of others who overcame similar or worse situations.


To make the program easily available people with driving fear, the Driving Fear Program is broken into two; download edition or download + print editions. If you opt for the download + print edition, the price is $119. In this case, the print and CD edition of the entire program will be delivered to your doorstep.

If you order the download-only program, you will get the entire program in a downloadable version for $87. Note that both versions come with a 60 days money-back guarantee.

The Final Word

If you have been suffering from fear of driving and perhaps tried a number of solutions with little success, the Driving Fear Program could be your solution. We found that the program is developed by experts and has been used successfully by many people to get rid of driving anxiety.

We were especially impressed by the design, ease of use, and efficiency of the program in helping people to regain the confidence to drive. We recommend that you also try this program.

Driving Fear Program





  • The program is developed by experts in driving and medical profession among others.
  • The program is available in different versions, digital and print, that makes it easy for everyone to access and get help.
  • All the parts of the program are carefully designed and tested to make recovery from driving anxiety easy and fast.
  • The process is natural and does not have side effects.
  • It is affordable and easy to follow from the comfort of your home.


  • The entire program is lengthy. But the good thing is that you are assured of getting results.