Raising a kid can be a tough task, especially for first-time parents. Now, the task becomes even more cumbersome if you have a child suffering from anxiety. This gets more complicated because many remedies offered out there only offer short-term solutions before the problem resurfaces. But you can now relax because the Anxiety-Free Child Program is here to help.

This is a comprehensive review of the Anxiety-free Child Program to establish how it works and answer the main question: “Is it the right program for your kid?”

What of Anxiety-Free Child Program?

Anxiety-Free Child Program is an award-winning system developed by Rich Presta and Cheryl Lane to help parents learn the best ways of assisting kids with anxiety. Presta is renowned for his previous highly effective works such as the Panic Puzzle and Panic Away programs. Presta laments that though there are many therapies recommended for kids with anxiety, they rarely work.

In the Anxiety-Free Child Program, parents and children are taught how stress, fear, and anxiety affect them. Then, the program uses scientifically proven strategies to suggest steps that can be used to address the anxieties.

One impressive thing that many people who have used the program indicate is that it helps to stop anxiety and equip kids with the skills they need to start their life with confidence. We established that most parents who have used the program rate it 5.0 stars. Well, take a closer look at the mechanics of the program below.

How Does the Anxiety-Free Child Program Work?

The Anxiety-Free Child Program demonstrates in a number of ways how you can assist your kid to overcome the problem of anxiety. It shows how you should work together to eliminate unreasonable fear without resorting to medication.

A Collaborative Parent-kid Approach with Parent as Anchor

The only thing that you will need on your side is commitment and some time. The program comes in the form of a book (manual) and an audio version. However, it relies strongly on the parent as a mentor and indeed the anchor for the kid to overcome fear. Notably, if you also have fears, the program will also come in handy to help you overcome it. That is a great bonus!

Instead of educating you on coping strategies, the Anxiety-Free Program teaches you and your kid about the root causes of anxiety, factors that amplify it, and outlines mechanisms for eliminating it.

The Four Steps for Stopping Anxiety

The main plan comprises of four simple to follow steps that can help you to halt anxiety on its tracks. Presta and Lane were so cautious with this part that the entire program would indeed look compete even with only the four steps. But they did not stop there!

Besides the four steps, the program consists of additional smaller areas that can help you to address specific conditions such as obsessive-compulsive, social anxiety, and night tension disorders. We were impressed by the design of the chapters because each of them ends with some questions that you and your kid can answer together. Well, this will be fun and remind you of the good old school days as fade away the child’s fears and anxiety.

The Main Features

  • The Anxiety-Free Child Program Manual. This is an in-depth PDF script that details every component of the program. Well, you only need to follow its sections and follow them to help your kid drive fear away.
  • C.A.R.I.S audio program. This part of the program is crafted to help you and your kid to learn how to quiet the minds and relieve tension. It was designed as an improvement to breathing methods. The skills you learn in this section will be very important in the entire program.
  • Anxiety-Free Masterminds: These are interviews that Presta held with experts in anxiety such as professors and psychologists. They help you to understand the nature of anxiety so that you are able to assist you kids to tackle it.
  • Volume 2 of C.A.R.I.S: This is a new volume of the program that seeks to guide your child through different methods of inducing tranquility and relaxation. The tools described in this new volume make conquering fear and anxiety look easy and fun.


The Anxiety-Free Child program is available at a one-off price of $97. We considered this affordable because you are able to tackle the problem of anxiety in your kid right at home. No need to incur more costs driving from one point to another seeking solution for the problem! Indeed, you will also get a 60-day money-back period to allow you to test the program. If you do not get results, you get a full refund.

The Final Take

If your kid has depicted some symptoms of anxiety or panic, it is time to look for the solution that works. We found the Anxiety-Free Child Program to be a reliable system that helps the kid to overcome the problem with the mother as an anchor. We were also impressed by the fact that this program gives factual information and those who have used it have managed to conquer the problem.

The Anxiety-Free Child Program is a simplified yet effective method that helps you address anxiety at an early age of your kid. Do not let anxiety get on the way of your child’s growth; learn how to break the cycle of anxiety using the Anxiety-Free Child Program.

Anxiety-Free Child Program





  • The Anxiety-Free Child Program covers most challenges that kids with anxieties face.
  • It is designed with simple to follow steps that make it easy to monitor progress.
  • To make the program engaging and fun, it comes with questions after every section.
  • You get a 60 days money-back guarantee if you do not get results from the program.
  • It improves the overall wellbeing of the child.


  • The program requires dedication and time from both the mother and child.